About Us

VLClift offers high-quality and secure lift solutions for multi-storey buildings that allow controlling heavy passenger traffic in commercial establishments, hotels and airports, transport heavy freight, as well as patients on hospital beds. Aside from selling elevators, escalators, travelators and spare parts we also work on improving the quality of electrical equipment. Most importantly, we are introducing modern technology and improving security culture, while eliminating accidents associated with using lift systems.

Our success story

Our story has begun in 1992 when we found the “Remstrojmontazh” Ltd company. At that time we had just started successfully venturing into the market of lift equipment. We were forming a team of professionals, studying the products, looking for reliable partners and proven manufacturers, concluding contracts, adopting sales and installation experience. We welcomed experienced repairmen, technicians and engineers, who serviced the equipment, monitored and modernized different types of elevators, escalators and travelators. It was a tough, yet interesting time of our history.

In 2013, we expanded and created another company, “HAS Lift Ukraine” Ltd, that became the official distributor of “Has” lifts.

2018 was even more productive for we decided to expand our assortment of lift equipment and added products from famous brands, such as XIZI, Diao, Cibes and Wittur.

That is how VLClift was founded — 26 years of experience and over 1000 lift equipment installed. We also install escalators and travelators in different countries of the world, not just in Ukraine.

Among our major customers, there are commercial organizations, municipal companies and individuals, that enjoy and recommend our services. We do everything in our power to form long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers. This allows us to offer a reliable and cost-effective product.


  • We offer high-quality lift equipment that conforms to security standards and legislation. The purpose, capacity, maximum lift, size and other parameters of our products correspond to those declared by the manufacturer.
  • Our specialists have years of experience with the equipment and they can recommend you the most suitable solution for any building type.
  • We quickly process all applications, offer qualified consultations and guarantee on-time delivery.
  • We have our own warehouses which allows prompt delivery of spare parts and modernization of lift equipment.

Our lift systems are Premium and Economy class escalators, lifts and travelators with a good selection of designs, security, improved comfort for the passengers, and reliable transportation. Contact us to get a quote and experience all of our advantages.