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HW140C LION is a multifunctional component part of the mechanism of the lifting device, which is designed to move the elevator car. Its technical characteristics make it possible to lift up to 8 passengers and reach speeds of up to 2.00 m/s.
Manufacturers have provided for the installation of the rotor directly on the worm shaft without additional fittings.
Transmission housing consists of two parts: the top and bottom. The worm shaft runs on high-quality bronze bushings and wear-resistant ball bearings. Its gear wheel is characterized by high efficiency of work due to special surface treatment of its sides.

Technical data:

Distance between slow and fast shafts – 140 mm;
Max static load – 3.100 Kg;
Max output torque – 1.470 Nm;
Reduction ratio – 1/58 – 1/53 – 1/44 – 1/37 - 2/43;
Max motor power – 8.1 kWasy (50Hz – AC2) – 10.8 kWasy (50Hz - VVVF);
Motor type – AC1, AC2, VVVF;
Average gear efficiency – 0.75;
Diameter of traction sheave – mm 480, mm 560, mm 600;
Electromagnetic brake – 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 200V;
Synthetic oil – 3,5 lt;
Average weight of the machine – 260 Kg.

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