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HW140CL LION is a very compact and multifunctional model, which is intended for frequent use in various elevator mechanisms. It can work with large loads, weighing 700-800 kg. Its speed can reach up to 1 m/s. The overall design of this part assumes the presence of several parts of the gearbox. Uninterrupted work of a worm shaft is provided by high-precision bronze plugs. It also has a rotating shaft.
Traction pulley made of cast-iron spheroidal material. Delivery is assumed with the presence of synthetic oil, a volume of 3.5 liters.

Technical data:

Distance between slow and fast shafts – 140 mm;
Max static load – 3.800 Kg;
Max output torque – 1.470 Nm;
Reduction ratio – 1/58 – 1/53 – 1/44 – 1/37 - 2/43;
Max motor power – 11,5 kWasy (17 Hp);
Motor type – AC1, AC2, VVVF;
Average gear efficiency – 0.75;
Diameter of traction sheave – mm 480, mm 560, mm 600;
Electromagnetic brake – 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 200V;
Synthetic oil – 3,5 lt;
Average weight of the machine – 240 Kg.

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